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    I have not been able to get anything in the Create Editor to work. Is this a “future” feature or am I doing something wrong?

    I see a bunch of features under this editor that look very interesting. In particular, things like Lights, Materials, Misc..>String and several others.

    Jeremy Hill

    From the create menu, you are able to create instances of the various bella nodes. But they do not generally do anything on their own, they need to be connected/referenced from relevant places.

    For instance, let’s say you create a new Conductor material, you need to assign it before it will do anything. An object’s material in bella is assigned to its parent transform node (called xform in bella), so you can select an xform in the tree to see its attributes in the Editor window. The first attribute is “Material”, and you can select from its drop-down list your newly-created material. However you don’t generally do it this way because the Hierarchy panel has shortcuts for getting the same thing done (see here).

    For the most part you don’t usually end up using the Create menu, since each attribute has a context menu, where there are shown the applicable types of nodes that can be created and/or assigned to that attribute. There is an explanation of this here.

    That said, to put say a light in the scene, you would:

    1. select the world xform to show its attributes in the Editor panel.
    2. go to the “Children” section and click the “add element” link.
    3. from the context menu shown, choose to create a new transform.
    4. the new transform will be created, and its attributes shown.
    5. go to its “Children”, click the “add element” link, and create an area light

    In the Hierarchy panel you will see your new area light parented to your new xform. You can use the Steps[0] Position/Rotation/Scale to move the light in the scene. This is how all visible objects are positioned & oriented in a bella scene, by parenting under an xform node.

    As you see this is all a bit low-level, but I think I have mentioned before that the GUI is primarily for rendering images. Over time I will make it more friendly (e.g. reducing the steps necessary to create a light, and so forth), and we will probably add the ability to select objects and move them using gizmos, and so on. But we are focused on plugins, not developing the GUI into a comprehensive 3D application, since there are already many people like the SketchUp devs who are good at that.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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