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    When I look at the files in a folder in Windows 10 File Manager, all of the BSA files have the Acrobat PDF file icon. Is there a way to associate them with Bella or something else so that they do not look like PDF files?

    Jeremy Hill

    I have had various issues with associating files with applications ever since windows 7, and I think the most reliable way I’ve found, besides using a third-party utility is:

    1. right-click on a .bsa file and hit Properties
    2. click the Change button, for the Opens with property
    3. browse to the bella_gui.exe file and choose it

    To find bella_gui.exe, since it is unzipped by sketchup somewhere in your sketchup plugins directory, right-click on it in the task bar (I am assuming you have pinned it to the taskbar), right-click on its name in the menu that pops up, and choose Properties — you will find the path to it in the Target locatio property, or you can just click the Open file location button.


    Thanks Jeremy – That was the process I had tried before but when I searched, I looked for Bella and did not find it. Did not search for the full .exe file name though.

    Worked great. 🙂

    Jeremy Hill

    Great, when there’s more time we’ll try and do fun stuff like Explorer thumbnails for bella files, and so forth. 🙂


    Does this update mean we can now upload an image?



    Jeremy Hill

    Sorry, no, it just means I happened to find a setting in the forum software that adds this more WYSIWYG editor (the previous one is still available by clicking the blue “Text” button at top-right).


    OK – the visual version does seem to me to be a little more “user friendly” though……..

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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