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    IPR is responsive, I love that I can cap the threads so there is a lot more scene interactivity
    seems with the “coating” a lot of really interesting semi to fully iridescent materials can be quickly created (that’s fun)
    wasn’t intuitive which material I should use initially… but its all starting to make sense after some testing

    attached a normal map was surprisingly tough, when you click the box next to there aren’t any suggestions specific to bella… but after searching around I found that there was not only a bella normal map.. but also a bellafiletexture but whenever you click the checker box next to file inputs, it always makes a default filetexture node… not sure if its more efficient to use the bellafiletexture, but i seemed to get slightly faster render starts, and less random “texture warnings/errors”

    I wish there was some kind of shadow catching material… right now it doesn’t seem like you can make matte objects either… theres no project texture nodes either from what i saw, so a temp comp against a back plate isn’t really possible

    I like that the bella camera is physical, but I do also wish I could enable/disable this functionality so I wasn’t always locked to DOF/ISO/FSTOP but i could get used to it I think

    i need to try out subsurface next. (scattering)

    Is displacement a thing? I couldn’t find any nodes corresponding to displacement?

    (set a target time of 20mins)

    <HDRI, texture from HDRI Haven!>
    <model of Lamborghini from GrabCad>

    so far having a lot of fun, this renderer is definitely different in a lot of ways… I still need to try out the Bella GUI as well.

    Jeremy Hill

    Thanks for relating your experience so far, that is really valuable.

    Indeed there is a little schizophrenia with maya file vs. bella fileTexture, which arises from the way that attribute UI works in maya. In cases where only bella nodes make sense (e.g. layer, coating, etc), you see the little custom node-picking dialog pop up, but for something like a color, it’s not really possible to do that, since you may wish to connect any type of node (bella or otherwise) that has an rgb output.

    Regarding bump & normal map, the situation is similar, since a material’s normal attribute can really accept anything providing a vec3 output. However both in this case, and those mentioned above, we will look at adding various higher-level convenience functions that encapsulate creating such multi-node setups.

    On shadow/matte, that is something we’ve recently been discussing, as Albert has recently been working in this area. The target here will be to have the useful alpha/shadow channels, with some compositing built into the render (optionally) and IPR, to implement a typical floating shadows feature.

    Regarding physical camera, it will not be difficult to add a pinhole lens, it’s just something we have not got around to yet; kind of funny to have a thick lens before a simple pinhole one, but there it is. Regarding displacement, that is something not yet implemented, but it is high on the to-do list.

    Lastly, I want to mention, about setting target time, that this does nothing but force the renderer to stop at the selected time — when in fact, it is perfectly happy to continue rendering forever, continually refining the image. So, setting target stop time or level is generally only useful when automating the rendering of multiple frames; but when rendering single frames, I suggest just leaving the defaults, and stopping the renderer when you are happy with the image.

    However, that said, when running with a license, bella is capable of resuming a stopped render (technically, the Apollo engine cannot yet do this, but it will), so it is generally no problem if you stop it too early. But, I just mention that for completeness, since in demo mode, you still probably want to just let it render until you stop it.

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