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    I agree this would be great for C4D, this is a great program as well and the ease of use (at least at first) of Bella would fits perfectly with C4D in my opinion. BUT ! I’m not really a C4D user and I’m more interested to see it in Blender (first) and Houdini (second).
    There are many reasons why I put Houdini in second place.
    First of all Houdini is very hard to manage (for an artist, not for a coder) so I feel that Houdini will require a lot more work but that’s up to the devs to judge that ^^
    Another reason is that right now everyone is waiting for the next release with KARMA render that will hopefully replace Mantra effectively. So maybe wait and see what happens first.

    I love rendering but I do hate Maya for the many unreasonable crashes and headaches that it puts in my life. So… bringing Bella in whatever other 3D program will be a life saver, litterally ^^

    Jeremy Hill

    Maya was chosen to be the first plugin mainly because we have some old industry friends who are evaluating it for use in some productions, and they use Maya. So, that pushed Rhino, which will be the next plugin, to second priority.

    After that will most likely come SketchUp, because we still have some core things (e.g. hair, volumetrics, etc) to implement, before we can really take advantage of the more powerful applications like Cinema, Blender, Houdini. From the archviz side, we also get requests for 3dsmax, so we will have to see how things look, but given that, of these, I have the most experience with Cinema, it is most likely Cinema will come after SketchUp.

    However, I should say clearly, that I am just giving you my rationale here, and that we cannot officially commit to a particular order, since factors can change over time — and I never want to encourage people to make choices now, based on future promises.

    That said, thanks for your thoughts, they will be valuable to us, in making these types of decisions.


    My vote is for Blender too!
    A very nice and super-powerful app growing more than many commercial ones.


    Jeremy Hill

    Thanks, we’ve definitely been getting more requests for blender than I would have predicted.

    Oscar Cano

    Yes, definitely something to think about. Thanks for the input!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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