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    I’ve been doing this stuff for a long time. The idea of a decent render integrated into SU has been the holy grail. Vray next is close but still has some Vray quirks. I was a beta tester for Corona for SU but they ditched it. I only keep 3ds max for rendering. I don’t model in it as it’s arse backwards to me. Since Vray Next, I’ve stopped using max but I can’t get the same image quality I used to get from Corona.

    I’ve used Maxwell with 3ds max and got burned by them. They changed everything and you had to pay up again. Maxwell never lived up to the hype IMHO. It was ridiculously slow, 10 mins to get a small res clay render.

    I tried Fryrender, but again got burned. They stopped developing it and expected everyone to jump over to Arion and pay for the pleasure.

    I’m hesitant to trust another developer based in Spain. I have nothing against the Spanish at all. Just going by what has happened over the years.

    While this engine seems interesting. There doesn’t seem to be much in the way of traffic on the forums. That makes me think this is a dead fish in the river. I’d be happy to be corrected though.

    Your price seems fair enough but 500 euro is a chunk of change only to find that the company changes direction and you lose what you paid for.

    Jeremy Hill

    Bella is certainly very alive, but we do not yet have too many posting around here. We work on it all day, every day of the week.

    As mentioned on our About page, the company consists of myself (based in Minneapolis), and my colleagues Oscar & Albert (based in Barcelona). You mention Maxwell, well they (Oscar & Albert) originally created Maxwell before taking it to Next Limit, and I was responsible for Maxwell’s Rhino, SketchUp, Cinema 4D, and SolidWorks plugins (among other things), from around 2006 thru 2017. Around then we decided to part ways with the company to create Bella.

    So that is our cards on the table. This is what we love, and we wanted to do it in what we think is a better way (e.g. our licensing, our sales model, and the renderer itself).

    Regarding SketchUp specifically, I take it you are aware of the current rudimentary plugin; it is just that — basically I wrote a script early on, to allow the others to use SketchUp to make models for their development purposes. Once we went live, various people asked, and so I polished it up and released it, to let people who wish to do so, to play with Bella & SketchUp. A proper SketchUp plugin will come after I finish some things on our Rhino plugin.

    So that’s where things stand, and I will welcome any input you may have on what you would like to see, once the  time comes for me to begin that proper SketchUp plugin.



    I appreciate you taking the time to write. I’m sure you can see where I’m coming from though about the two other engines.

    I’ve downloaded the SU version and I’ll give it a spin. Is this cpu or gpu based? I must admit I can’t remember. I have a 8gb 2070 card due to arrive soon so I’ll wait until I install that before I do anything.

    Personally, I’m fine with the studio idea as long as files that are imported are linked and get updated with changes. SU is messy at best when it comes to dealing with textures and such. I’d much rather just put place holder colours on a SU file and then assign materials in the studio.

    Truth be told, I miss Corona. I never really tried it out to much in SU as I could still use 3dsmax. The problem was always if the design changed then I’d have to re import the SU file into max and start all over. I never did find a easy way to bring SU into max although others seem to have. I just bring it in as a legacy dwg file. I’ve tried doing the 3ds route but then you end up with all these multi sub materials.

    I really loved Maxwell when it came out. I was just disappointed back then by how slow it was. I would be in the office late at night trying to get images out in Vray and they were taken 2-3 hrs. If I was relying on Maxwell back then, I’d never have got the images done.


    Jeremy Hill

    Definitely, I hear you, perfectly understandable. 🙂

    Bella is currently still CPU only, but Oscar has been working on GPU. I recently posted some info about that (and some of our other current developments), here.

    Regarding using a studio type of workflow, we do have the Bella GUI, but our focus is on full-featured plugins. The main purpose of our GUI at this point is to allow rendering outside of the host application, so you can keep working. We will continue to add more features to it as necessary, but it won’t be a prime focus until we have a few more plugins completed.

    I’m confident I’ll be able to make a fully interactive in-SketchUp workflow that people will enjoy, as Bella is quite modern and being fully node-based, quite flexible. I have not done it yet, but it will be imperative for SketchUp, to add the ability to reference external Bella & other files, both to keep the model light, and to allow use of pre-setup/textured components that one would not want to model in SketchUp.


    It’s all good mate.

    I’ll give it a whirl and let you know what i think.

    I’m not convinced about gpu right now as you have to have such an expensive card to load it all up. If it’s cpu and gpu accelerated that would be cool. I’m not a programmer though, I’m just a architect.

    Here’s a benchmark of sorts for you. I could load a SU model into max, assign materials and set up the scene with Corona. I can hit render and get a perfectly usable image at 11×17 150 dpi in around 7 mins + -. Trees, forest pro grass etc etc.

    If Bella can do that without me having to invoke max then I’m all ears. Bella needs a way to deal with vegetation. It’s vital. Most people dont want to have to use a plugin to scatter around mesh for vegetation. Forest pro was handy but limited in my experience although I’m not a native max user so that might be why.

    Vray 4 SU was very quirky when it first came out and I tested it. I knew what the settings were from max but it was all set out in a different way. They’ve changed everything now. I don’t know if it’s across the board or not as I don’t use vray for max. It’s very close to being perfect but there’s still the “is it going to work right” doubt about it for me.

    Jeremy Hill

    Thanks for your input, and for taking the time. This is the kind of feedback we are looking for.


    guardian256 – I must say that when first time I tried Maxwell I was blown away (sometime in 2007 I think…).

    then I had to buy some more computers to get images rendered because it was sooooo slowwwwww.

    yet the images saved me a lot of man-work and letting computers render over night images and final images over weekends is ok as it doesn’t really matter if an image took 1 hour or 15 hours as it is night time. preview was usually quite predictable so also saved a lot of time here. the only problem is today clients want answers (=previews) sometime in a time span of 1-2 hours and that sucks, for maxwell at least.

    still have to say that after playing a bit with bella it appears that I’d give it a real chance soon as I don’t see maxwell getting developed the way it should, remaining the same more or less, since version 3 (the denoiser is a big deal, yes, but you can use also intel open denoiser…).

    GPU is not close to be usable as most of my scenes take 10-40 GB ram (on maxwell) so there’s no hope there. no card can do it – not in a small arch-viz firm price range 🙁

    so I’m actually really looking forward to see if  bella comes out sort of what maxwell should have been by now.



    I was impressed with Maxwell  so much that I bought it but I was never able to achieve the quality of images that they used to show in the gallery.

    I used to get changes to projects given to me the day before the presentation and I’d end up staying all night trying to get the multiple images done with vray. There’s just no way it would have happened with Maxwell.

    I’ll give bella a try and see how it goes. One thing for certain is, I won’t ever buy Maverick. I’m done with that company.


    huh, nothing sucks more than a client changing his mind after you were told to render the final image  …. damn. “we decided it would be better not to show the entrance to the garbage room, just put a wall there with a small tree, what’s the problem ?”

    Jeremy Hill

    “it’s just a 3d model right, not like a real thing” :p

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