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    I have tried adding an image for the Image Dome but it show up way out of line with my model in the scene.

      * How do I control how the background image shows up in relationship to my SketchUp scene?
      * What should the size of the background image be for the Image Dome?
      * When I look at an image produced by the render engine, it appears to be 1322×697 which is the size I set my background image to. Is the image size something I have control over with the free/trial version?
    Jeremy Hill

    The image is expected to be an environment map, and for best results you should use an HDRI; you can find many good free ones here: Various sizes are offered for each, it is your choice how much resolution you need.

    It is also possible to map flat across the output image plane setting Projection: Camera (Fit) or Camera (Stretch) in the image dome settings in the GUI. Just try starting IPR in the GUI and you can quickly see what each option does.

    The output image size, as exported from the plugin, will be determined by the SketchUp viewport size. However, in the Bella GUI, you can select the camera and set a different resolution if you wish. Without a license, regardless the output resolution you set, it will be restricted to 720p by area (1280×720), and will be reduced keeping the aspect ratio of the resolution you have set.


    I tried to post a link to our Bella Render thread in SketchUp but it is not showing up here. I generated a test render using the Image Dome.

    Jeremy Hill

    Jenu was also having trouble posting links, and I’m not yet sure what might be the problem. I’ll try linking it here:

    I have replied there on sketchucation with a tip, I hope you don’t mind.


    OK – how did you go directly to the images in the SketchUcation thread.

    I did see your post over there. 🙂

    Jeremy Hill

    The way I do it is click the image (on sketchucation) to expand it to full size, then right-click the expanded image and choose “copy image location”, then click the IMG button here in the little toolbar above where you are composing the post, and paste the url. As long as the url ends with .png or .jpg or similar, it should work.


    OK – I used the LINK button and tried to link to the thread. I will try your method the next tine. Makes sense to me.


    OK – Latest test render. However, it turned out what had the most effect was resetting the date and time. Changing the illumination to skyDome did not changed it. But once again, something to learn.

    Yes, if I were really trying to produce something for a client, a better image would be needed. But for now, I was just trying to give the scene some context.

    Here is the latest render (did not let it go as long as previous one)……..
    Updated Render Image

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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