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    Jeremy Hill

    Testing improved directionalLight (work-in-progress for a sun node). Atlas, level 47, filmic, no denoise:

    And, denoised:

    This is using thick lens, and I had some trouble putting focus where I wanted — I think we have to do some more work there.

    Jeremy Hill

    Another render of this model, now that we actually have sun:

    This one uses the thin lens, and filmic tonemapping.

    Jeremy Hill

    Here’s another angle 🙂


    Nice pool caustics.

    Is there an issue with the caustics on the right wall?, esp where it meets the floor, where is the caustic light for the floor?
    An undulating normal map on the glass panes would help make the wall caustics look more natural.

    Jeremy Hill

    My guess would be that it is correct — given that apollo can solve the pool caustics generically, I do not see how, barring a bug with bump or somesuch, it would fail to render reflection correctly in the region you mention. I can try a different camera angle to check it, though.

    And I totally agree on the glass panes .. I like this scene, so maybe I can find time to play with it some more in future.


    I know it’s probably just the viewing angle, I just can’t imagine how..

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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