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    Thomas An.


    The number eight

    Jeremy Hill


    Peter Mašek

    Wow O_O

    Oscar Cano


    Peter Mašek

    You could create lights surfaces on other numbers.

    Blub clock


    Thomas An.

    And the number eight.

    Jeremy Hill

    Apologies for the forum software, guys, it is making me approve everything, and I don’t see any docs telling me how it decides or where to control it.

    I just better hop on setting up the discord server, I guess.

    Thomas An.

    @PETERMASEK You found the same tube 🙂

    Yes, all the digits are indeed there, but in this case I used a darker metal and they don’t show up as well. The second image (with the number eight) shows them a little more.

    Oscar Cano

    What a curious watch!

    Thomas An.

    @Oscar Cano … it’s for those moving to Jupiter … ten hour days. 🙂

    Thomas An.

    @Peter, how did you find that clock product ? I didn’t know someone made an actual one for sale. I made the render with one tube because I wanted it to be the focus of the image. Even the angle of the shot is the same. (Looks like product photographers use similar studio setups).

    Peter Mašek

    Hehe good question. 🙂 Exists 3 ways how i founded this clock product.

    1. I am slovak in czech republic and here every glass manufacturer knows between each other.

    2. In my work we did on this


    and we was learning very much informations about glass casting and gas inside. Every gas has another light colour and we was founding 2 layer of glass to combine together.

    And this is answer how we found him and his work. We had plan to visit him but corona changed our plans. 🙂

    3. I did for my friend poster for programing contest and now we are creating this stature in real. We bought nixie tubes in chine and now we do 3d print. I rendered in keyshot and did big postproduction in affinity photo.


    crop 🙂


    it is not a very good how yours. 🙂

    Jeremy Hill

    (heh we really seem to be having some fun with the forum here — I’ll try to edit your post and fix whatever is happening with the html tags)

    Thomas An.

    Wow, Peter, interesting stuff … and such a small world. I found his video on youtube and it’s how I was able to 3D model it 😉 It’s a beautiful large Nixie tube that he makes.

    Peter Mašek

    yep its perfect ..

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 20 total)
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