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    Jeremy Hill
    Jeremy Hill

    We aim to make Bella as solid as possible, and we strive to code using good design and best practices, but the fact of software development is that there are going to be bugs.

    When there are, we are keen to get them fixed asap, and will appreciate your reporting them. To enable us to diagnose issues in an efficient manner, we ask that when you post, you include the following information:

    • Your operating system & version
    • The affected application (plugin, GUI, CLI)

    Next, there are some questions we are likely to ask, before anything else, in most cases:

    • Is this something you noticed only once, or is it repeatable?
    • If repeatable, is there a specific set of steps that will reproduce it?
    • Does this seem to occur only with a particular scene/texture/etc?

    So, we kindly ask you to include the answers to these questions in your initial report.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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