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    Are we a go now? 🙂 hope y’all are safe there from Covid-19!

    Jeremy Hill

    Ah, sorry to say, but there is yet more work to do on the Rhino plugin before I can move on from it.

    Hope you are safe from that virus too!


    No worries! just keeping the conversation going! 🙂

    Jeremy Hill

    Been working today on that ruby script I talked about before, since no major fires have had to be put out with the rhino plugin. 🙂


    looks like the start of something beautiful!!!!
    hope you have more fire free days ahead! 😀

    Jeremy Hill

    bit more progress ..


    That’s looking pretty solid there! Area lights (is it?) and materials are looking pretty hot!

    Jeremy Hill

    Yes this is just lit by a plane with emitter material. Setting up materials is quite simple:

    Export is quick — the built-in Sketchup Pro OBJ exporter takes 30s for this model, Bella takes 2.1s, about the same as the Sketchup DAE exporter.

    Now I am dealing with translating environment, camera, etc, then I have to set up installers, then we’ll be on the road.

    Jeremy Hill

    Very close now, this is very simple to use, just one modeless dialog and a render button.

    Basically just have to do the packaging/installers now.

    Jeremy Hill

    Another test — downloaded a 3d warehouse model, set some materials, camera, skydome:


    Hi Jeremy!
    Sorry for the late response! Work from home is not quite the bed of roses i imagined it to be 😉
    This i slooking really great! i love the quality of light in that last render and the DOF looks silky smooth! i like!


    Hi Jeremy!
    Did you go further with the plugin? No pressure.. just asking… excited to try something new! 🙂

    Jeremy Hill

    Yep still working on it, had to deal with a couple of issues for macos, and add a little more functionality (simple stuff, but important, e.g. selecting materials in our window when you select them with the eyedropper, and vice versa, and such).

    Jeremy Hill

    Don’t look on the builds page. 😉


    (Okay lets try this again)
    hi Jeremy!
    After a long delay thanks to Covid-19 complications (myself and loved ones are safe but there were other complications) i finally managed to play with the plugin!
    Like i pointed out over at the Sketucation forums, it was a bit of a challenge to get the navigation of the scene under control, but that being said, after a few mins, i think i got the hang of it….

    <edit: removed links that were maybe screwing up post>

    I love the quality of renders coming out of Bella and i am really excited to see where you take the plugin next! hopefully we can get an integrated plugin in the near future!
    A couple of things i noticed :
    1) You need to switch on the Shadows in Sketchup and then press export to make bella start rendering with the sun shadows. This is a minor thing which you may consider changing for the plugin version?
    2) in sketchup, as you probably know the best way to make a different material is to duplicate an existing material and change the color. (for example two shades of plaster). However, Bella referenced the original texture and not the edited one, even though the res folder had it. I had to manually find the texture from within bella. A bug perhaps?
    3) Does Bella support only normal maps for bump mapping? Over the years i have a collection of textures with its bump maps (BW images). Maybe its something you can consider?
    4) Please consider support for Skatter plugin. Architects love to put grass in their external renders! 😀

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