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    Jeremy Hill

    Sorry to hear you had those complications, but hopefully all will return to normal. On your questions:

    1. Sure, I can add an option to enable the sun regardless of what’s set in sketchup.
    2. I’ll have to try to reproduce this, since I basically only know what sketchup tells me about a given material.
    3. Yes we support both bump & normal mapping. They are separate nodes, which take the output of some map, and turn it into a vector, to be hooked to a material’s “normal” input attribute.

    Regarding the posting of images, I’d guess the forum software is choking on some angle brackets or such. When I link an image, I right-click it on the image hosting site, choose “copy image location” (or “copy image address” in chrome, I think), and then come here, click the “IMG” button, and paste the URL.

    I’ll try it here, using imgur .. should work:

    The code looks like this:

    Jeremy Hill

    Looking at the page source I can see the problem — the link you are putting in the img tag is to the imgur page, not to the image itself.

    I can see the first link you have there is to a .png, so not sure why that would not have worked .. I’ll try:

    Jeremy Hill

    Nice mood in these images btw 🙂


    For some reason, for me its not working at all… i tried both imgur and imgbb… strange!

    Maybe you need to clean up this post… its become a mess 😛

    Jeremy Hill

    heh, I can delete stuff later .. now to try your links

    Jeremy Hill

    On Skatter, I will look into it. They asked me to integrate that with maxwell but it was not really possible, due to how they had implemented it, however bella works differently and I think it should be possible.


    Thanks Jeremy! Like i said i loved the quality Bella is giving me! Waiting for the next iteration!



    Jeremy Hill

    Nice! I look forward to seeing what you’ll be able to do with a full plugin. 🙂


    Why do jenujacob’s images look brighter on this forum than when I see them on the SketchUcation forum? Is it because of the dark background here versus the white one on SketchUcation’s forum?

    BTW: jenjcacob, the images look great.

    Wish I could post/share some here as I do my learning but I do not like posting them on some public cloud server first.

    Jeremy Hill

    I think it must either that (the background), else it could happen from looking in different browsers, or from the place where it is uploaded translating from one format to another. But I checked his image here, and the one on sketchucation, by opening each image in its own tab, and they appear identical (I am using firefox).

    Regarding not hosting images here, we can review that decision at some time, but I’ll feel more comfortable talking to a lawyer first, since legislators have been wanting to try to make us responsible for what you post.

Viewing 11 posts - 16 through 26 (of 26 total)
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