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    Thomas An.

    How far render tech has improved, makes me feel humbled.

    I remember back in the day, this scene was impossible for Maxwell. After 200hrs (yes 200) it could not render the inside beams. Judging by the preview, the engine knew about them, but it would have taken thousands of hours. Insanely impossible !

    This is Bella after 40min

    This is 40min Bella with emitter projector set to 5degrees

    I am not sure is Maxwell has similar now. I stopped upgrading at V2 🙂

    Jeremy Hill

    That looks awesome. I would be curious to know if the non-projector Bella one is using the newly-released 21.2, which may help in such scenarios, since we have integrated the Apollo tech into the Atlas solver, so it can do caustics that were not feasible before.

    Thomas An.

    Yes, this is a fresh test done today after downloading the new release.

    Jeremy Hill

    Thanks, so the emitter projector is really the star of this show. 🙂

    Thomas An.

    There is more, but this is one of them for sure.
    The colimator test scene scene is only how I found out this feature, but this is beyond just the fringe topic of lasers. This is a huge workflow improvement for product renders. Simplifies scene lighting setups by a lot, being able to do soft boxes without adding any physical geometry other than the emitter surface itself. Simplifies geometry AND it’s faster for the engine.

    Thomas An.

    The only other comment about this is I thought the gray areas of this simple scene should have completely cleared after 40min. For instance there is still noise on the back walls and the gray card inside the glass seems hard to clean. Could be that I am still a newbie to the various settings.

    Thomas An.

    This is the 240min version:

    (the snipboard site does some aggressive compression, need to find another host)

    Jeremy Hill

    Discord will be nicer for posting images since you can just paste them in. Regarding the noise in the background, not sure myself, I’ll ask Albert.

    Thomas An.

    Yup, discord is lightyears ahead in terms of usability.

    Albert Martinez

    Hi Thomas,

    very nice test. I remember when implementing the feature I tried projecting images and it was working nicely too. It was inverting the image as expected and it was more or less sharp depending on the projector aperture, obviously.

    Also in case you don’t know, recently the projectors were optimized for area lights ( procedural ones ) because when emitter grows there is huge convergence penalty which should be ok now. Regular meshes or other procedural emitters like disks, are not yet optimized for such case, but although for generic meshes the problem is quite complex to make it efficient, for disks is not hard if needed.

    About the noise in the back of the scene, I’m not sure just by looking at the image, would need more details about the setup.

    Oscar Cano

    Awsome! 🙂

    Jeremy Hill

    If you are working with the scene in rhino, and can email it to me or such, I will take a look, and make a version for Albert & Oscar, which narrows things down to show the issue.

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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