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    Jeremy Hill

    Here is a thread specifically for requesting and discussing Bella plugins for new 3D platforms. I will update this over time, but our current plugin roadmap looks like this:

    Definitely planned, in this order:

    1. Maya: initial implementation done, improvements underway
    2. Rhino: initial implementation underway internally
    3. SketchUp: TODO
    4. Cinema: TODO

    Requested, priority not yet determined:

    • 3dsmax: planned
    • Blender: planned
    • Houdini: not yet sure if enough demand
    • Lightwave: not yet sure if enough demand

    I will also mention here that since Bella has the text-based BSA format, it is comparatively easy to create simple exporters for it, prior to a full-blown plugin implementation (e.g. with built-in IPR, etc), so depending on what makes the most sense, it is possible we may be able to add exporter support for some platforms, sooner than indicated above.

    So please feel free to post in this thread your plugin requests, along with your reasons for requesting a particular plugin.


    Lightwave 3d please!

    Jeremy Hill

    Added — thanks!


    Ill say Lightwave3D as well.

    Jeremy Hill

    Thanks for letting us know 🙂

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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