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    Was quite impressed by these examples;

    Btw, Thanks for the email, it worked great.

    Jeremy HillJeremy Hill

    I agree, this would be very useful.


    Yeah, this looks very handy compared to, for instance, Rhino’s Edge Softening. Both have the same limitation though. You can use only one radius per object…



    ‘You can use only one radius per object’

    Yes, that’s a good point to remember, I think this is a low priority but I guess it depends how hard it is to implement.


    In the video, you can see how they can also apply it per material. In what is this based on? The smoothing of the surface? Is it actually changing the geometry at render time or is it more a shading thing?

    Jeremy HillJeremy Hill

    Just bending normals I assume.


    Luxology Modo has also this as a per material parameter. Very nice for not boolean intersecting objects.

    AvatarThomas An.

    Maverick started its life as blatant Maxwell “me too” copy … but … I have to say, it has matured quite well judging by the feature-set and UI seen on their site. Very pleasing gallery too, there is quality in those images.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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