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    Jeremy Hill

    To help people get familiar with Bella, we have uploaded several sample scenes, for use with Bella GUI, and in some cases, Maya: So far, these are the scenes:

    Core materials

    Smart materials

    Ceramic material

    Plastic material

    Metal material

    Urethane material

    Derby-car scene

    Wheel scene

    Candy-coat scene

    Material preview scene

    If you have requests for specific types of scenes, please feel free to let us know in this thread. 🙂

    Jeremy Hill

    Since the last post in this thread, we have added several more sample scenes:

    Un-dispersion of dispersion

    Concrete house




    Porsche 907 Longtail

    Digital Emily

    Jeremy Hill


    We have a new scene up on the sample scenes page:

    This scene is built from .obj files from Benedikt Bitterli’s site (Modern Hall by NewSee2l035), assembled in Rhino for rendering with Bella.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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