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    Jeremy Hill

    We are in the process of adding some “smart” materials — simple, concrete material types (e.g. plastic, metal, ceramic) with just a few easy parameters — here is a quick test of the ceramic material:


    that’s good to know , since without easy setup for materials it’s quite hard to work on a decent scene …

    Jeremy Hill

    In addition to these, the next build will also have extensive support for complex IOR, implemented without the need of using external files (though it is of course an option to do so). This is looking pretty interesting, since bella’s material layer component is a true simulation of a thin layer, so it appears that many more IOR files are going to actually be useful, than would be without that.


    ‘bella’s material layer component is a true simulation of a thin layer’

    But where is the layer thickness control?, I was hoping laquers would be possible.

    Jeremy Hill

    There was originally a thickness control, but it was redundant, since the transmittance of the layer effectively controls the same thing. That said, Albert had to add thickness control to the complex IOR layer (next build), since in that case we do not control transmittance.

    Long story short, you should be able to do lacquer, just play carefully with the layer transmittance. Naturally, the less you transmit through the layer, the less will make it to the conductor/dielectric substrate. Likewise with the layer IOR.


    I need thickness to get a more pronounced effect at grazing angles. Ingoring reflections, a coloured laquer should be transparent head on but quite saturated at grazing angles.

    I would settle for a fake effect; specify a trans colour for 0 degrees another for 90 degrees and a midpoint angle.

    (that option would be great for weightmaps too, an example of usefullness would be curtains and sheer tights.)

    Jeremy Hill

    We’ll check it out — I’ll do some tests to get a better feel for what you’re referring to.

    Tim Ellis

    Sounds like the R2 method JD, with additional texture control. 😉



    Shhh don’t mention R2 😉

    Hi Tim,

    It’s Eric here..

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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