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    Tim Ellis

    Atlas – 1.52 IOR

    Apollo – 1.2 IOR

    More to come…..


    Jeremy Hill

    Awesome, we’ll have to analyze these.

    Tim Ellis

    Links should work now sir.

    They are both accurate as far as I can tell.

    Tim Ellis

    Emailed you the scene files sir. 😉

    Jeremy Hill

    It now occurs to me, I’m going to try to connect with Thomas on linkedin, just to make sure he is OK with us using these scenes.

    Jeremy Hill

    Thomas says it’s OK 🙂

    Thomas An.

    You started with a difficult scene. Let’s see how well this engine does with it.

    Jeremy Hill

    Welcome Thomas, thanks for stopping by, and for letting us use your wonderful scenes! 🙂

    Tim Ellis

    Hey Thomas, thank you for letting us use your great scenes.

    I didn’t leave these long to render, will do once I’ve got the farm set up with the cli. I left the single wavelength scene rendering at work, so will be interesring to see if it gets further than Jeremy’s test with it.

    Great to see you here T.


    Albert Martinez

    Welcome Thomas! nice having you here, awesome scenes to test with Bella. Thanks!

    Oscar Cano

    Hello Thomas! Good to see you around 🙂

    Thank you for joining us and thank you also for the scenes. They are a real challenge to get the engine to render them, and that’s what we love.

    Thomas An.

    Incredible reception by Oscar, Albert, Tim, and Jeremy. Seems like the visionary dream team that started the unbiased render revolution is now at it again. The last time we saw Oscar, or Albert comment on a forum was more than 10 years ago. I am already sensing great things may be possible again.

    Will be watching your progress, gentlemen. Best wishes !

    Jeremy Hill

    Tim Ellis

    Awesome! 😎👍👊

    Oscar Cano

    Thomas, thank you very much for your kind words. I feel very honored to be with all of you !

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 22 total)
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