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    Jeremy Hill

    Hello all, finally we have the first build of Bella for Rhino! 🙂

    You may download it, for Rhino 6 running on Windows or MacOS, here. The plugin uses standard Rhino plugin installation methods:


    1. Download the .zip file.
    2. Unzip it on your desktop.
    3. Double-click the bella_rhino.rhi file.
    4. The Rhino Installer will be shown, follow the instructions.


    1. Download the .dmg file.
    2. Double-click to mount it.
    3. Double-click the bella_rhino.macrhi file inside.
    4. Rhino will install the plugin.
    5. As instructed, close Rhino and restart it.

    When you open Rhino after installation, you will find Bella as an option for viewport display mode, and in the Current Renderer menu. So you may work while Bella renders your model, or you may render in Rhino’s render buffer window using the Render command.

    You will have a new Bella toolbar with a single button for exporting the model to the Bella GUI (it is included with the plugin, you do not need to download it separately).

    The plugin will translate Rhino’s render settings (environment, ground plane, etc), camera (including focal blur properties), materials, and other applicable settings. The only Bella-specific item at this time is the BellaSkyDome environment type, which you use to enable Bella’s skyDome.

    The plugin should be quite stable at this point, but we are keen to hear about about any issues you may observe. While doing that, the road map from here is to add Bella node types (materials and such) in Rhino, followed by exposing them to Grasshopper.

    For more tips & tricks please see here. So please give it a try and let us know what you think!


    – Rhino on mac is crashing if viewport is resized while rendering. We’ll find some workaround.
    – You should generally disable linear workflow in render settings.
    – Default materials are not very nice for Bella, we recommend creating a template 3dm.


    Thanks you JD! I will start testing as soon as I get this model finished, that I’m working on right now.
    This is very exciting!


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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