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    Jeremy Hill

    Nice, I was not familiar with either of those. Good stuff.


    Don’t know how old everyone is , I’m 47, that Glue track talks about being 48… first time I heard it, it brought back so many memories, I cried a river..

    On a different note this visual is pretty epic, Don’t judge the thumbnail, there is some art to be had.

    Jeremy Hill

    According to this page, I’m a spring chicken at 44. Which means I’m old enough to remember the man show, heh.

    Here’s a tune for discerning people of a certain age.

    Jeremy Hill

    Thomas An.

    Not bad tunes … given the bunch of old fogies here 🙂

    Commodore64 was introduced in the 80s with an amazing audio chipset for its time that set it apart from its rivals.
    Who remembers the Great Giana sisters ?

    Jeremy Hill

    I think I have never physically touched a commodore.

    .. what a strange sentence that would’ve been a century ago.

    No, for us it was the atari 400 .. pretty sure my dad still has some of the cartridges sitting around .. basic, pole position, and the greatest one of all:

    Well, not just the atari, there was a tandy color computer, earlier on, as well.

    Thomas An.

    It tickles to think they were using projection and view matrices back then, I thought they were invented in a later century.
    The only Atari, I ever had was a joystick. It was unbreakable and useful to hammer a few nails around the house.

    Jeremy Hill

    I think I ran across that randomly at some point, I like it. Makes me think of that “brother, where art thou” movie.

    Here’s one that was used in a movie, “the royal tenenbaums” .. good flick.

    Jeremy Hill

    Jeremy Hill

    Jeremy Hill

    Jeremy Hill

    Thomas An.

    This one got stuck in my head for a week. It’s only 2min but you feel exhausted by the end.

    Jeremy Hill

    Thanks, I had never heard of them before.

    Jeremy Hill

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 107 total)
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