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    Jeremy Hill

    Albert made a quick tutorial video on the Bella GUI:

    We’ll post more here (and also put them here) as we have time to make them — and you can let us know below of any specific topics you’d like us to cover, or if you make any yourself.

    Peter Mašek

    Thank you Jeremy Hill. Next question is how is the best/fast way to export textures from substance painter to bella and import in rhino bella (zip file is the best?)? Because … it is very slow to import every texture in material editor (difuse, bump, roughness, metalic, etc.)




    Jeremy Hill

    HI Peter, I only have Substance Player so cannot say for sure about the presets, but the best one is probably PBR Metallic Roughness — if you go to https://ambientcg.com and check one of the materials to see how they have done it, that would be a good way.

    We prefer the metallic/roughness PBR workflow in general, and if found, we currently make use of opacity, color, metallic, roughness, anisotropy, anisotropy angle, scattering, ambient occlusion, and bump or normal maps.

    The OpenGL normal map format is best for Bella, but it is easy to use DirectX-format maps by enabling the Flip G option in your normal map or PBR material. It is enabled by default because it seems many PBR sets use DirectX.

    As far as it goes for .zip or not, either way will work fine with Bella, so you can use what is most convenient for you. If you use the Bella PBR, Uber, or Principled material, you can choose the .zip file, or if you are using multiple files, you can choose any one of the files of the texture set, and Bella will find the others automatically.

    Jeremy Hill

    Here is a video that goes over use of the PBR, Principled, and Uber materials in Bella:

    They work similarly in Rhino, and we also support automatic translation of Rhino’s Physically-based material, though the results may not be 100% matching Rhino’s, and may generally be a bit better directly using the Bella PBR, Principled, or Uber materials, since there is no translation involved.

    Peter Mašek

    Veeery thank you. Now i am finding a way how to render z pass for example.



    Jeremy Hill

    You can force the z pass to render before the beauty pass, by also adding the existing beautyPass below the z pass, otherwise it will render when beautyPass has finished:

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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