Sample Scenes

Here, we provide various scenes, ready for use in Bella GUI (and in some cases, Maya), to help you get familiar with Bella.

Bella scenes are provided as .bsa/.bsx, or as .bsz if they have dependencies. Upon opening a .bsz file in Bella GUI, it will be unzipped (.bsz is just a zip file) with the contained .bsx file being written next to the .bsz file, and with dependencies being written to a res directory, also next to the .bsz file.

Maya scenes are provided as .ma where possible, or in a .zip when they have external dependencies. In the latter case, the .zip contains the .ma file, and a res directory with the dependencies.

Rhino scenes are provided as .3dm with embedded resources.

SketchUp scenes are provided as .bsz for use in Bella GUI, and SU8 .skp for use in SketchUp.

First Steps Tutorials

These are scenes that go with the Cameras and Environments tutorial videos, click on these images to jump to the desired scene.

First steps - Cameras
First steps - Environments

Other Scenes

Click on the following images to jump to the desired scene.

Derby car
Dining room
Butter with wrapper (randomwalk Subsurface material).
Porsche 907 Longtail
Porsche 907 long-tail
Dielectric + Scattering
Concrete house
Digital Emily
Wedding band with white background.


This is a scene set up for the "First Steps - Cameras" tutorial video:

Download for Maya, or for Bella GUI.

Attribution for Lassi Kaukonen, creator of the Red Maple Leaf 3D model, which can be found here:


This is a scene set up for the "First Steps - Environments" tutorial video:

Download for Bella GUI.

Also used in the video are this HDRI, and also this one, both from


Nothing special, this is just a simple derby car which demonstrates some methods of creating materials, texturing, using image based lighting.

Download for Bella GUI. Here also is a video tutorial for the Bella GUI, which uses this model.

Dielectric + Scattering

This scene demonstrates the use of Dielectric with an attached Scattering node, to produce an orange juice material.

The oranges come from Sketchfab, the background HDRI from Polyhaven, and the tablecloth material from AmbientCG.

Download for Bella GUI, or for Rhino.

Dining Room

This scene was created for the performance comparison shown on our front page. Notably, the scene uses only auto-translation of Rhino "Physically Based" materials, in order to minimize the number of variables involved in the comparison. See the fairly extensive notes in the .3dm, for more information about the how & why of this scene's construction.

The scene uses resources from flyingarchitecture, ambientCG, and polyHaven (links to the specific resources used are included in the .3dm notes).

Download for Rhino or for Bella GUI.


This is a scene downloaded from Benedikt Bitterli's site (Modern Hall by NewSee2l035) and assembled in Rhino for rendering with Bella.

Download for Rhino or for Bella GUI.

Concrete house (SketchUp)

This model includes a house and trees, both downloaded from 3D Warehouse.

Note use of the Bella Sheet material, which allows rendering single-thickness glass panes. These would cause trouble with a true dielectric (glass) material, since it would appear to the light as though the interior of the building comprised a volume of glass.

Download for Bella GUI or for SketchUp.

Museo (SketchUp)

This is an original SketchUp model of a small museum lit by sky dome & sun. In addition to the skylights, the walls at the far end of the scene are slats to let light into the space.

Download for Bella GUI or for SketchUp.

Porsche 907 Longtail (Rhino)

This model comes courtesy of McNeel & Assoc. built by Kyle Houchens using Rhino 7 SubDs. It demonstrates the use of various types of materials and related nodes.

Download for Bella GUI or for Rhino.


This is a Rhino scene demonstrating the use of several Bella materials & techniques generally applicable to jewelry rendering.

Download for Rhino, or for Bella GUI.

And here is a second version, with slightly different lighting, and white background.

Download for Rhino, or for Bella GUI.


This is a scene demonstrating two types of subsurface scattering in Bella. The stick of butter uses the randomwalk Subsurface material, and the wrapper uses a Sheet with Layer+Scattering, with scattering albedo texture-mapped to simulate oil-saturated regions.

Download for Rhino, or for Bella GUI.

Digital Emily

This is a scene set up for rendering the Digital Emily model from the Wikihuman project. It demonstrates how to use the Bella Uber material to create realistic skin for the model.

The skin material is not complex, and has been set up to yield a convincing look, regardless of the lighting used.

To demonstrate, the only difference in the following images is the HDRI used to light the scene -- not even one other parameter has been changed.

A slideshow at higher resolution is available for viewing here.

Since redistribution of the assets (OBJ file & textures) does not appear to be allowed by the Wikihuman project, we are providing scenes fully set up, but with geometry & textures removed. Detailed instructions for how to download & import the assets back into the template scene are also provided.

Download the scene for Bella GUI (instructions here, and also in the "notes" node in the file).